About me


From the list of publications, I could determine that my main research areas are:

  • geometric modelling,
  • haptic rendering,
  • 3D scanning, and its application to cultural heritage,
  • new technologies applied to the historical and cultural heritage.

Professional and management experience

Scientific societies

Conferences organization

  • GCH2020, XVIII Eurographics Workshop on Graphics and Cultural Heritage (co-chair)
  • VCBM2018, VIII Eurographics Workshop on Visual Computing for Biomedicine (co-chair)
  • CEIG2017, XXVII Congreso Español de Informática Gráfica (programme co-chair)
  • CEIG2014, XXIV Congreso Español de Informática Gráfica (chair)
  • CAA2010, XXXVIII Annual Conference on Computer Applications in Archaeology, Granada sept. 2010 (chair)
  • EG2003, XXIV Eurographics Conference, Granada sept. 2003 (member of organizing commitee)

Knowledge transfer

  • 2007-   , Founder of AgeO, a spin-off  company of the Universidad de Granada
  • 2007-   , research assistant of AgeO, leading several website development and 3D scanning projects
  • 2003- , more than 20 R+D contracts with private and public entities.

Academic background

  • 2020, Master in Data Science and Computer Engineering, Universidad de Granada
  • 2008, Ph. D. in Software engineering, by the Universidad de Granada. “BP-Octree: una jerarquía de planos envolventes”. Qualification: Sobresaliente cum laude.
  • 1999-2001 Master in Software Engineering, Universidad de Granada
  • 1996-1999 Bachelor in Management Informatics, Universidad de Granada. Best qualification Award.