We open a “asiento”

I’ve decide to open a blog in my website, where I can set some issues that come to my mind from time to time, that looks interesting to me or simply that I want to annotate.

The title is difficult to translate into English, as “asiento” is one of the most polisemic words in Spanish. You can check the complete list in the Dictionary, but we could translate it as seat, seating, chair, trim, place, bedding, set, lieu, annotation, “I agree”, entry, etc.

Most of the definitions might describe the proposal of those lines, and also we could create a wordplay, composing the negative preposition a- with the first person of the present of the verb “sentir” (feel), siento. But this is more a matter of lateral thinking.

Here you will find writings about computer science, social thoughts, business topics of any other theme I can think about.

What is written here is exclusively personal, without other proposal than using it as annotating blog.